English 84

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Advantages of Living on Saipan

There is just one place I will live for the rest of my life. That place is called Saipan. It’s a beautiful island in the Marianas. There are three advantages for living on Saipan, and those are family support, natural environment and convenience.
The first advantage of living on Saipan is the family support I get. Family is important to have around. They support me in every way possible, even through bad situations. In addition, family gives me the confidence to accomplish my goals. At the end of the day, family will always put a smile on your face.
Next advantage is the natural environment that surrounds us. In Saipan, everywhere you go is peace and quite. You’ll be able to get your task done without any distractions. You’ll hardly here sirens, helicopters or planes over, etc. Furthermore, there are less crime rates in Saipan. So you can feel safe everywhere you go.
Last advantage of living on Saipan is the convenience here. You can go around the island in 30 minutes or less. Places around here are not far to get to. There is less traffic on the roads, so it takes less time to get to your destination. In addition, less roads to travel means you would save gas compared to the U.S.
In conlusion, three advantages of living on Saipan are family support, natural environment, and convenience. These advantages gives me an idea of where I would want to live in the future. There are more advantages of living on Saipan, but those three advantages are my main points.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Assignment 8

Two restaurants that I like to go to are Mcdonalds and Tony Ramas. If it’s a special occasion, my family and I go to Tony Ramas. If I just want to take out food, then I go to Mcdonalds. Although Mcdonalds and Tony Ramas are popular restaurants in Saipan they differ in type and quality of food served, customer service, and price.
The first difference the two have is type and quality of food served. Mcdonalds main dish is burgers. There are different kinds of burgers served with fries and a drink. They also have green salad and caesar salad for people that are going on a diet. In addition, they have some chicken strips that come with sweet and sour sauce. For appetizers, you have a choice of three different soups and for dessert they have ice cream sundae and apple pie. In contrast, Tony Ramas is famous for their ribs. They can be served separately or with steak, lobster, shrimp, or chicken. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of side orders to go with your ribs. Tony Ramas appetizers are bread, onion loaf, different types of soup and salad, etc. They also made their own types of burgers. Their dessert is hard to choose from because they all taste good.
The second difference between the two restaurants is their customer service. Mcdonalds has self-service you have to line up at the counter and place your order. After you order, you have to get your own drink and condiments. once they call your number, you have to get up again and bring your tray of food to your table. At Tony Ramas, the waiters/waitresses go up to your table and take down your order. Whatever you need, they can get it for you.
The last difference is the price. At Mcdonalds, the price for a meal ranges from $4-$7. The meal comes with a sandwich, french fries and a drink of your choice. On the other hand, Tony Ramas is more expensive, but the price is worth it. A half-slab of baby-back ribs is $15 and a full-slab is about $19. A combo meal can range from $20-$38 depending on what you choose. Example of the combo meal can be a plate of baby-back ribs with grilled shrimp and rice. Plus you get two extra sides to add to your meal.
So when you think that both Mcdonalds and Tony Ramas are popular restaurants, there are both different in the tpes and quality of food served, customer service and price.These factors can help you determine on which place you would like to eat at next.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Assignment 7

I can’t forget the first time I flew out of the Marianas area. I went to the Philippines with some family members to watch my uncle play in the Asia-Pacific Baseball Tournament. This trip was like an adventure for me because that was the first time I’ve been to another country. Once I got out from the airport, I witnessed a different language being said all over. I traveled with my family around Manila. We went sight-seeing and then ate at one of the restaurants in the mall. After the tournament was done, we stayed behind for a little while and drove 3 hours to where my grandma lived when she was young. From there, we took a 6 hour drive to Baguio. It was a beautiful village in the mountain. After doin some sight-seeing there, we drove another 6 hours back to the hotel. The next day, we drove to the airport and flew back to Saipan.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Assignment 6

Everyone has their own opinion on what they think is the most important thing in life, but to me Family is the most important thing in life. Family is the basic structure in someone’s life. They are always there for you, even in bad situations. They do their best to support and take care of you in every way possible. They encourage you to do good in school, sports activities, special activities, and in life. Without a family, kids turn to the other direction and commit crimes. They do these bad things because they have no one to guide them through the right way. Family is not just your parents or siblings, it can be whoever is other family members that your close to. Even some friends that you’re close to can be considered your family member by heart. So family is the best thing to have in life. They keep you going on the right track to a better life.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Assignment 5

As the sun rises over the village of Garapan, it shines on a beautiful pearl white Camry. From an angle, you can see the pearls glistens on the car. The car feels the cold wind blown from the tall green trees. Behind the car are two big buildings. One building is five stories high and is covered with old white paint. To the front of the car lies a gray two story apartment. The car has been through many experiences with its previous owner, who is my brother. It was entered into the 2004 car show and placed second in the 2/4 door Advance category and won first place in the Advance sounds competition. It also roamed beach road in the last two year’s Liberation Day parade. It suffered one minor accident last year, when it got hit from behind. But now its all fixed up from the accident and is roaming around the roads of Saipan.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Assignment 4

How I would spend one million dollars. Spending one million dollars would be fun for me because I can spend it on a lot of my dream ideas, but there are five main things I would do with one million dollars. First, is to build my family n I our dream house. Second, is to get my family and I a new car, just the right use for the island. Next, is my favorite dream idea and that is to take vacations with my family to places like Hawaii, California, Florida, etc. Places with tourist sites would be the best place to go. Fourth idea would be to spend it on accessories like clothes, shoes, thing for the house, etc. Last thing I would do is put the rest of the one million dollars in the bank. That is what I would do with one million dollars.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Assignment 3

Hafa Adai is a word from my Chamorro culture. The word Hafa Adai means “hello” and is usually used to greet customers or visitors. Everywhere tourists go, a lot of the people greet them with hafa adai. Hafa Adai is the main greeting word that the Chamorros use. Even in commercials, hafa adai is the usually the first word the people say. Sometimes Chamorros would say it to one another. The word can catch people’s attention at a party, family gathering, etc. The Chamorro word hafa adai is a greeting word that catches people’s attention, especially tourists.